Why Medinar

medical-digital-transformationWe want to provide, for all interested practitioner and medical students, inexpensive online medinars. These will feature eminent clinical practitioner and researcher, who can increase our clinical knowledge and skill in case-taking and also the medical aspects of the conditions they are treating. So they will discuss the relevant physiology in health and then the departure from health into pathology. And awareness of the disease gives us a clearer diagnosis and prognosis. It will also show us when we need to call on assistance in a case that is going to require more treatment skills or facilities than are available to us.

So with medinars you have no travel and accommodation cost, and because they are shorter than a live seminar even the attendance cost is much lower.

And we can offer a wide variety of speakers and presentations, as speakers also don’t have to travel to a possibly distant venue, and put on more frequent events.

What do you need?

Simply a computer (or tablet) with a good internet connection. When you are registered we provide an access code to the medinar, which is interactive during the 15-minute written-question period after the lecture.

Live seminars on demand

We shall also from time to time hold live seminars on demand with some of these speakers – details will be on the website as they are arranged. Then you can meet live the speakers you’ve met via the medinar!